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VANAS Quiz Show - Episode 1.1

February 15, 2023

How it works:

The VANAS hosts ask contestants questions about Animation, VFX, and Video Games to earn small amounts of rewards, tiny prizes, or gift cards.

If answered correctly, contestants win and advance to more difficult questions. However, if answered incorrectly three (3) times, contestants are asked to leave the show.One winner per show will be awarded their prize in the form of a gift card.

Example questions:

• What is the name of the Disney's mouse?

• What was the most popular game in 1999?

• Which Marvel comic was made into a movie in 2003?

There is no fee to participate. Anyone over 19 years of age can be a contestant but must read and agree to the VANAS Contest Rules.

Event Name

VANAS Quiz Show - Episode 1.1

February 15, 2023

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